Core Java Interview Questions Podcast


Core Java Interview Questions Podcast 4: Technical Programming Tests with Jim Bennett

January 25, 2015

Things have been quiet recently on the website whilst I've been travelling back to the UK.  Whilst there I took the time to sit down with my good friend Jim Bennett and talk about technical tests. I loved his article he wrote for CJIQ (you can see the post here) which I took a ton of value from and really wanted to sit down with him and expand the discussion.  We ended up talking for an hour but it's packed with incredible information, including:

  • The benefits and negatives of moving abroad during your career
  • What are technical tests and what are companies trying to achieve with them?
  • The truth that companies want you to succeed
  • Why most interviews suck
  • Why you need to contact the interviewing team directly
  • How to use the job spec to write the best code
  • The tips you need to follow to give you the best chance of progressing
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